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Fairchild- Essay(s)


What they're saying about The Art of the Lathe

 "The Art of the Lathe by B.H. Fairchild has become a contemporary classic—a passionate example of the plain style, so finely crafted and perfectly pitched….workhorse narratives suffused with tenderness and elegiac music…"
Los Angeles Times


"With elegance and restrained subtlety, Mr. Fairchild interweaves topics that become something like musical themes, including the central theme of machine work....Anyone who can lay claim to the authorship of this much excellent poetry wins my unqualified and grateful admiration."
—from the introduction by Anthony Hecht


"These remarkably textured, generous, haunting poems articulate the absence and longing that are created by experience and that in turn keep experience alive. Anyone who wishes to understand not only the contemporary American idiom but the reasons for that idiom will have to read B.H. Fairchild’s The Art of the Lathe."
—Wyatt Prunty