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Dave Smith


The Last Morning


Alone in the camp, all others dumb

with the humming sleep of the reeds

and the dew so thick in their hair

it flashes like brilliant insects.

I get up and go down to the river.

The current skeins the bottom stones

with pale, early light, the cold flow

that cries the sea-borne salmon

come, my friend, come and be still.

In the earth, tree roots are listening.

Taking two stones, I pound my shirt

like a woman whose knees are slick

after long kneeling; the arms float

away from me and the chest swells.

It is that easy to begin a passage.

Later I sit naked, clothing the trees

with shirt and pants that want wind.

It is then across water a wolverine

come to drink and a trout dimples

the silence like the soul rising.  I

begin to hear not far away the crash

of dammed water and a beaver's bark.

I think unaccountably of an early snow,

children with black, hungry eyes, men

cutting arrows where the elders bud. 


Roundhouse Voices  

In full glare of sunlight I came here, man-tall but thin
as a pinstripe, and stood outside the rusted fence
with its crown of iron thorns while
the soot cut into our lungs with tiny diamonds.
I walked through houses with my grain-lovely slugger
from Louisville that my uncle bought and stood
in the sun that made its glove soft on my hand
until I saw my chance to crawl under and get past
anyone who would demand a badge and a name.

The guard hollered that I could get the hell from there quick
when I popped in his face like a thief. All I ever wanted
to steal was life and you can’t get that easy
in the grind of a railyard. You can’t catch me,
lardass, I can go left or right good as the Mick,
I hummed to him, holding my slugger by the neck
for a bunt laid smooth where the coal cars
jerked and let me pass between tracks
until, in a slide on ash, I fell safe and heard
the wheeze of his words: Who the hell are you, kid?

I hear them again tonight, Uncle, hard as big brakeshoes,
when I lean over your face in the box of silk. The years
you spent hobbling from room to room alone crawl
up my legs and turn this house to another
house, round and black as defeat, where slugging
comes easy when you whip the gray softball over
the glass diesel globe. Footsteps thump on the stairs
like that fat ball against bricks and when I miss
I hear you warn me to watch the timing, to keep
my eyes on your hand and forget the fence,

hearing also that other voice that keeps me out and away
from you on a day worth playing good ball. Hearing
Who the hell . . . I see myself like a burning speck
of cinder come down the hill and through a tunnel
of porches like stands, running on deep ash,
and I give him the finger, whose face still gleams
clear as a B&O headlight, just to make him get up
and chase me into a dream of scoring at your feet.
At Christmas that guard staggered home sobbing,
the thing in his chest tight as a torque wrench.
In the summer I did not have to run and now

who is the one who dreams of a drink as he leans over
tools you kept bright as a first-girl’s promise? I
have no one to run from or to, nobody to give
my finger as I steal his peace. Uncle, the light
bleeds on your gray face like the high barbed-wire
shadows I had to get through and maybe you don’t remember
you said to come back, to wait and you’d show me
the right way to take a hard pitch
in the sun that shudders on the ready man. I’m here

though this is a day I did not want to see. In the roundhouse
the rasp and heel-click of compressors is still,
soot lied deep in every greasy fingerprint.
I called you from the pits and you did not come up
and I felt the fear when I stood on the tracks
that are like stars which never lead us
into any kind of light and I don’t know who’ll
tell me now when the guard sticks his blind snoot
between us: take off and beat the bastard out.
Can you hear him over the yard, grabbing his chest,
cry out, Who the goddamn hell are you, kid?

I gave him every name in the book, Uncle, but he caught us
and what good did all those hours of coaching do?
You lie on your back, eyeless forever, and I think
how once I climbed to the top of a diesel and stared
into that gray roundhouse glass where, in anger,
you threw up the ball and made a star
to swear at greater than the Mick ever dreamed.
It has been years but now I know what followed there
every morning the sun came up, not light
but the puffing bad-bellied light of words.

All day I have held your hand, trying to say back that life,
to get under that fence with words I lined
and linked up and steamed into a cold room
where the illusion of hope means skin torn in boxes
and even the finger I give death is words
that won’t let us be what we wanted, each one
chasing and being chased by dreams in the dark.
Words are all we ever were and they did us
no damn good. Do you hear that?

Do you hear the words that, in oiled gravel, you gave me
when you set my feet in the right stance to swing?
They are coal-hard and they come in wings
and loops like despair not even the Mick
could knock out of this room, words softer
than the centers of hearts in guards or uncles,
words skinned and numbed by too many bricks.
I have had enough of them and bring them back here
where the tick and creak of everything dies
in your tiny starlight and I stand down
on my knees to cry, Who the hell are you, kid?

Blue Heron
           -For Betty Adcock


Neck like a coathanger unbent, abandoned

almost, the look of a closet,
patches of cloth, paper, dust, the last
steps imagined, gone,

no ripple where she stands, gray or blue
depending on the slant sun, one
of the invisibles, as a friend
calls the women poets of

the South. Lake flat as paper, the day’s end
electric at her feet, steel nerve unturned,
turning, eye wide, she prefers
to hold her ground

alone, six-foot wings, the swift flicking
her mouth is--

                   a small, silent lightning.



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